High-cavitation, High-efficiency and High-precision Molds

Ideally located at China’s mold hometown, Gongdong enjoys the advantages arising from industry clustering and in resource allocation. Based on these location-specific advantages and our unique technologies developed during our long-term operations in the medical products and lab consumables industries, we adopt a customization- and quality-oriented approach to develop and upgrade our capacity to manufacture high-cavitation, multi-cavity, short-period, high-efficiency and high-precision plastic injection molds . Upholding our culture of “high quality, high efficiency, common development and shared prosperity”, we strive to achieve our aspirations of giving back and benefit sharing with our clients through technological innovations and advances.

Since 1985, we have produced over 5,000 sets of plastic injection molds of various types and series to support the operation of some 250 injection molding and one-step blow molding machines in our workshops. Supported by these machines, we provide our clients with one-stop services of family mold and separated mold. We have so far patented over 30 inventions, and utility models for products and molds.

Strengths in Product R&D and Mold Manufacturing

Teamwork and Quick Response

Our technical team is committed to collaborating with all departments to jointly overcome various technical challenges and making necessary improvements while applying our technologies. At the same time, we actively communicate with our clients and put their needs at the first place. We improve our technologies while serving our clients and strictly control the manufacturing time. Based on these efforts, we strive to achieve high-level R&D, high productivity, and few client complaints.

Rich Resources

Located at China’s mold hometown of Huangyan, Gondong enjoys a wealth of resources of steel, standard molds, mold manufacturing, quality inspection and prototype production. Drawing on such rich resources and leveraging our strengths in mold design and manufacturing, we have standardized our process of contracted purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, and mold testing. The process involves product and mold design & development, raw material purchasing, mold roughing, heat treating, engraving and high-speed milling, wire EDM, jig grinding, and 3D inspection.

Technological Exchanges and Cooperation

We attach great importance to training and supervising our technology talent. We have a talent team of over 60 experts who have been working in this industry for more than 10 years to design products and molds, optimize plastic injection molding techniques, and manage high-precision manufacturing. Gongdong never stops growing. We often attend various technology exhibitions, and organize seminars where brand suppliers in the industry are invited to share the latest technological information, and we will, following a review and evaluation process, introduce advanced molding technologies to achieve efficient and targeted R&D. Meanwhile, through the cooperation with foreign consulting companies, we have applied and trained our employees to use the Scientific Molding Technology throughout Gongdong and achieved fruitful results.

Standardized and Customized Molding

Gongdong designs molds according to Gongdong’s or clients’ manufacturing standards to meet the requirements of our clients from different regions. We promise and assure that Gongdong standard-based molds can be used for more than 8 million times. In addition, our mold bases, with a precision within 1 decimillimeter, are made of 4Cr13 stainless steel or steel of higher quality. Our mold cores are made of ASSAB S136 steel or steel of the same quality from other famous foreign brands, and our standard parts for mold making are from Punch or MISUMI. We also adopt needle valve hot runner nozzles from high-end brands for our hot runner system. We have been sticking to the highest standards to produce a wide range of molds that can be used in various fields, and thus expand our markets and improve our technologies.

Mold Sampling Service

Upholding the spirit of cooperation in the R&D projects of our clients, Gongdong is willing to manufacture sample molds for them so as to facilitate a rapid process of producing standard molds, reduce R&D risks, and thus help our clients shorten their overall R&D cycle.

Examples of High-cavitation and High-precision Molds

64-cavity Caps

48-cavity Tubes

16-cavity Automatic Pipett Tips

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