Five Social Insurances
One Housing Fund


Year-end Bonus



Employee Stock Ownership


Free Meals





Employee Travel

Annual Paid Leave

Holiday Gifts


Benefits and Policies



1. We annually adjust salaries and give year-end bonuses according to labor market developments, average salary in local labor market, and performance evaluation;
2. We pay contributions to five social insurances and one housing fund for employees;
3. We provide free meals & accommodation and periodic physical examinations, grant housing subsidies to couples, and offer paid holidays and vacation;
4. We have built basketball courts, table tennis courts, billiard rooms, reading rooms and media rooms for recreational and cultural activities, enabling our employees to live a healthy and colorful life; and regularly arrange the employee travel to national and international destinations, such as Beijing, Xiamen, Hainan and Yunnan in China, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam;
5. We have set up a trade union, which quarterly distributes personal protective equipment, sends holiday and birthday gifts, monitors breaks and workshop safety, and secures our employees’ rights and interests;
6. We have established a CPC branch whose members pioneer in actively serving in different positions. The party branch pays attention to the work, learning and thought of our employees, and provides strong support for their learning and promotion.



Employee Training & Development Policy



Training Program

We build up our employees’ overall quality and professional skills through improved training programs. We firmly believe that employee development drives our growth. Therefore, by arranging challenging assignments for them, we offer our employees opportunity to achieve self-worth at work, increase their sense of belonging and participation, and finally realize common development.



Promotion Plan

As a job promotion shows a full recognition of an employee’s performance and competence, we will give priority to internal recruitment or promotion in case of job openings. By promoting young employees, we can not only reduce our management costs, but also motivate other employees, and thus generate a virtuous circle.



Career Development Support

We offer our employees individual-based support for their career development. Through communications with them in daily work and performance evaluation, we get to know their career goals, help them find their strengths and weaknesses, and then work together with them to set achievable goals and create plans to reach these goals. By doing all these, we make every effort to develop and support them in fulfilling their career pursuit.




Send your CV:


1.Fill in your online CV for the job you are looking for under the social recruitment and campus recruitment columns in the recruitment section on our official website.
2.Fill in the CV template downloaded from our official website and send it to [email protected] with an email subject of “APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT”. Please include your phone number in your CV so that we could have further communications with you through a phone or face-to-face interview after reviewing your CV.


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