1985 Gongdong was founded in the world-renowned mold hometown of China– Huangyan as Zhejiang Huangyan Gongdong Chemical Plastics Experimental Factory.


1989 Gongdong managed to provide medical devices and lab consumables of over 100 types in three categories, and won wide recognition in the industry.


1995 Gongdong cooperated with prestigious foreign enterprises for the first time, tapping into overseas markets.


1997 Gongdong officially changed the company name to Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Plastics Factory.


2001 Gongdong obtained ISO 9002 international certificate and EC Certificate (1st in the domestic industry).


2002 Gongdong implemented an ERP system to integrate the management of production, supply, sales, and finance into a more standardized and systematic one.


2004 Gongdong was at a new fast growing stage featuring an expanded company size by officially putting into use a RMB 60 million-invested and GMP-standard new plant, which strongly secured the company’s future development and created sound environment for building an international brand.


2005 Gongdong passed the U.S. FDA inspection at a time with zero defects, which indicated that the company had established a sound management system and built up its image and status in the international market.


2007 1.Gongdong became the first company in the industry whose sales exceeded RMB 100 million, leading the medical consumables and lab supplies industry in China. 2.Gongdong was listed in the “Taizhou High-tech Enterprises”.


2008 1.Gongdong-invented disposable vacuum blood collection tube was certified by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province as a provincial high-tech product. Gongdong made a number of achievements in vacuum blood collection tube segment, including having developed many new types of blood collection tubes and filing utility patent applications. 2.Gongdong maintained its rapid development momentum during the economic crisis and sold its branded quality products to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, achieving annual sales revenue of RMB 175 million.


August 2009 Gongdong officially changed the company name to Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


October 2009 Gongdong was certified as a provincial R&D center of high-tech enterprises.


2010 Gongdong built a new GMP-standard plant of 15,000 m2 on its newly-acquired 4.94 acres of land. It thus increased its overall production capacity by three times, especially its vacuum blood collection tube series by 2.8 million a day to meet the growing domestic demands. At the same time, Gongdong strived to expand overseas business to lay a solid foundation for building an international brand.


December 2011 Gongdong was listed in the “Taizhou Branded Products”


May 2013 Gongdong put into use a new plant in the Xinqian Economic Development Zone for an expanded production scale and improved efficiency.


2015 Gongdong was listed in the “Huangyan Top Ten Exporters”, which was a great recognition of the company’s “going global” development strategy.


2016 Gongdong’s trademark was rated as provincial famous trademark.


2017 Gongdong had been listed in the “Huangyan Top Ten Enterprises” for three consecutive years, which was a great recognition of the company’s steady growth.


2018 Gongdong became one of the directors of the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Packaging & Excipients Association Gongdong was listed in the “China Excellent New Medical Consumables Enterprises 2017”

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