Since its establishment, Gongdong has been dedicated to charity. In cooperation with non-profit charities, Gongdong has carried out a variety of charitable and relief activities across China over the years, gaining awards and recognitions from charity federations at the provincial, municipal and district levels, and volunteer associations. In the wake of the disasters such as the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Gongdong lost no time in donating money for disaster relief to help the disaster-stricken people through hard times. In support of charity, we actively provide employment training for persons with disabilities and recruit them into Gongdong. To promote the development of local education and help the government address employment difficulties, we have also established several bases to provide on-the-job training for university graduates. We have continued our efforts in poverty alleviation and the development of education in China. High quality, high efficiency; Common development and shared prosperity.


For a strong brand, for technology-driven growth, for sustainability, for a global brand

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